After the age of 30, individuals need to understand what actions to take and what to avoid. It is important to grasp the essence.

The principle is simple, but achieving it is challenging.

  1. Stop thinking about what is easy. It’s not easy to do anything when you’re older.
  2. Don’t talk about job hopping. At the age of 30, no one has poached you, which means that you should cherish the job at hand.
  3. Don’t use “no way” as a mantra and think it’s principled. That’s because you can’t help it yourself, and there are many ways for others.
  4. Don’t be perfunctory when things go wrong. Refusing to admit defeat will only make you appear vulnerable and you will be labeled as unreliable.
  5. No matter how busy you are at work, don’t trade your life for money. In the face of physical punishment, don’t expect good luck all the time.
  6. Don’t work overtime anymore, please, adults have the dignity of adults.
  7. Don’t get lost in low-density information, especially short videos on mobile phones. Any so-called “trend” is about business, don’t listen to them. And at this age, you need more independent thinking and in-depth reading.
  8. Don’t cry poor anymore. Crying poor at an age of earning money is as inappropriate as saying that you want to have diarrhea at dinner.
  9. Don’t think saving money isn’t cool enough. Anyway, people who save more than you can save money are now raising their eyebrows.
  10. Do not slump on the couch for more than 10 minutes at any time. Everyone who has passed the age of 30 and still wants to make a difference in the workplace/love scene has to raise his butt and move.
  11. Don’t waste your gym card. Walk into the gym and at least your photo skills will improve.
  12. Don’t overdo anything you do. The person who survives to the end does not rely on passion, but on just the right amount of love and lasting investment.
  13. Don’t give up on your dreams, otherwise what will you talk to others about if you drink too much?
  14. Stop pretending you have friends of the opposite sex. 99.9% of the friendship between men and women is self-deception.
  15. Don’t be exhausted by love, and don’t be depressed for someone for a long time. You have more important things to do, and your life comes for a big thing.
  16. Don’t think that when you’re old, no one wants it. If you think about it, no one wants it when you are 20 years old, so keep it up.
  17. Don’t be too attached to what you can’t get, you can put down anything in this world except chopsticks.
  18. Don’t hurt the people who love you. In the midst of all the negativity, believe me guilt is the champion.
  19. No matter how gloomy your life is, don’t expect others to save you. Superheroes don’t believe in tears, you’re on your own.
  20. Stop arguing with your parents. When you’re thirty, they’re old enough to be a child, and you’ve got to be ready to be an adult.
  21. Don’t argue with people of different levels about inconsequential issues, such as arguing with someone online for a week about a celebrity’s private life, you’re not stupid, are you?
  22. “I’m a straight-talker” and don’t start your speech that way. It’s like you’re announce: I’m going to attack you like a stupid x.
  23. Don’t look down on people who don’t like relationships, you just don’t want to admit that you’re poor in interpersonal skills.
  24. Don’t block someone because you’re angry about a little thing, please, that’s too naïve, okay.
  25. Don’t get too attached to your lost friends. People come and go is the destination of our lives.
  26. Don’t put off putting off what you have to do until the end. One of life’s most comfortable moments: doing what you least want to do, then doing what you want to do most.
  27. Don’t spend money on pandering to other people’s eyes, buying a comfortable pair of shoes is more important than anything else.
  28. Don’t make a mess of your home. Talent and knowledge can’t be installed, but the house can.
  29. Don’t stay up late at every turn. Only if you are good at getting a good night’s sleep will everything be possible.
  30. Don’t keep ordering takeout. You should do something to the environment and cook your own food, and you will gain health, cooking skills and boyfriend/girlfriend.

When people reach the age of 30, they can be regarded as happy and worried, but after all, it is not worth fearing, and flowers can bloom at every stage of life, right?

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