Where is sentimentDemo.jar?


Sentiment Tutorial

Do step by step, but I can’t find “sentimentDemo.jar”.

Google - https://github.com/Gobaan/Fame-to-Flame/tree/master/sentiment, the source used lingpipe-3.9.2.jar.

Down resouces - in src dir, and compile with lingpipe-4.1.0.jar, no errors, last build a new jar.

In linux, the command line like this:

java -cp sentimentDemo.jar:lingpipe-4.1.0.jar YourPackageName.PolarityBasic POLARITY_DIR

Attention: 1)with colon (:) classpath separators replacing the semicolons (;) for linux 2)If forget package, there’s an error “cant find main class” .

All right, we can see the result:


Data Directory=POLARITY_DIR/txt_sentoken

Training.  # Training Cases=1800  # Training Chars=6989652

Evaluating.  # Test Cases=200  # Correct=163  % Correct=0.815*


create 2012-12-04

Written on December 4, 2012